On Saturday 21 December, the 23rd Talent Day for referees (assistants) and referee "observers" took place at the Technical Football Center in Tubize.
In the morning, a training session was scheduled for (assistant) referees. During this session, the trainees were subjected to 3 different disciplines: analysis, consistency and training.
In the afternoon, a technical session by Lawrence Visser and a consistency exercise for the talents were planned.

Wat kan je verwachten van onze stages?

For some participants this may be perceived as routine. Together with our partners Football Flanders, ING and Patrick, we try to offer enough variety.

On Saturday 21 December, participants and observers were expected at 8.30 am in the Club House for the start of the Talent Day. The physical preparation of the participants was tested, but other elements of talent were also put to the test. There are many more goals to pursue to enable participants to one day take the step. This "step" can be taken by adopting an attitude of open learning within the larger perspective of officiating. This session was presented by Lawrence Visser.

The course was divided into two groups before noon:


1. Exercise and analysis of the game situations Russia - Belgium, Stijn Hutsebaut & Kris Bellon
  • Observation
  • Analysis
  • Clarify the new guidelines
2. Consistency of exercises for observers, Stijn Hutsebaut
  • Presentation

Referees (assistants) :

1. Training session animated by Mario Carette, Laurent Colemonts, Gert Deckers, Bart Leen and Thibaud Nijssen - Physiotherapists: Wesli De Cremer and Céline Mabille.
  • Physical training

In the afternoon, the participants attended the following sessions together:

1. Technical session by Lawrence Visser
  • Presentation
2. Consistency of exercises for talent, Stijn Hutsebaut
  • Presentation 

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