Stage Development Group Men, 21 - 22 Februari 2020

On Friday 21 and Saturday 22 February 2020, the fourth Referees College took place in the Hotel Pavillon du Zoute in Knokke-Heist. 26 referees and assistant referees of the Football Flanders Development Group participated in this 2-day course.

Besides the different technical sessions, a training session was organized and a match was analyzed.

Benny Mazur, secretary general of Football Flanders, attended the two-day course for the first time.

What can you expect at our training sessions?

1. Presentation / Brent Staessens
Report of the match Patro Eisden Maasmechelen - Thes Sport (AR Jiri Bergs and Bryan Bijnens)

  • The preparation of the match
  • The match itself :
              * Teamwork
              * Management of the team officials
              * Management of the confrontation
              * Preventive action (time and match control)  
  • The consequences of an incident-rich match and how to deal with them. 

2. AR Technical Session / Stephanie Forde  
The offside rule

It is still important to remember the offside rule, the interpretation of this rule must be the same for all. In addition to match situations, all aspects of offside were discussed.

  • Why assistant referees can make mistakes in their assessment of "offside".
              * Positioning at the level of the second last defender
              * 100% focus.
              * Taking into account optical errors
  • Basic principles of an assistant referee :
              * Posture
              * Positioning and movement
              * Cooperation
              * Signaling

In this way, assistant referees can identify their own areas of improvement and apply what they have learned in the future.

3. Technical Session R / Kris Bellon
Troublemakers and time management

Kris Bellon's technical session focused on managing "troublemakers". Images were used to highlight nine different types of players who can cause problems during a game. Each problematic behavior was framed within the framework of player management and the most effective way to deal with it was discussed.

Later in the presentation, "time management" was discussed. Some clips were also shown as examples and discussed in this section.

4. Physical training / Thibaud Nyssen and Wesli De Cremer  

  • Warm-up (focus on running technique)
  • Strength training session
  • Agility and speed
  • High intensity session:
              * Referees: Single-Double-Single (SDS) with decision making
              * Assistants: Double-Triple-Single with decision making
  • Cooling down 

5. Technical session / Frank De Bleeckere

Based on numerous clips and situations, various topics were discussed with the group of referees and assistants. The following four points were discussed.

  • Logical Decision Making
  • Match Control
  • Anticipation
  • Reckless challenge + Serious foul + Violent conduct