About Expo-Line

Expo-Line is a European company, mainly active in the soccer world, with offices in Belgium and France. Since 1989, Expo-Line has been known for the development, production and introduction of innovative coatings, better known as inline painting. Since then, Expo-Line has become a complete and tailor-made partner for federations, sports clubs, municipalities and schools beyond national borders.

Expo-Line has its origins in Beringen, Belgium. In 1989, when soccer players were still going home with chalk line burns, we developed a ready-to-use line marking paint: Expo-Line Direct. A water-based, environmentally friendly and player-friendly sports field coating that is still part of our range.

More than two decades later, our Belgian family business has become an international player in the field of sports field surfacing. Expo-Line has taught the soccer world how to line their fields with a ready-to-use paint that does not settle. Our account managers travel the world and are in contact with stakeholders, field managers, volunteers, referees and C-level decision makers.

Yet Expo-Line's core business is to support "field managers" at all levels, because that's what keeps us going, that's why we're here! To create a "brilliant game".

The Expo-Line market covers many European and non-European countries and has many international references. In order to better and more accurately serve associations, clubs, institutions and ultimately users or partners, Expo-Line has been expanded and divided into four (separate) divisions. These four divisions reflect the vision and mission of Expo-Line, with the common goal of "creating a brilliant game".

This unique division (product and service offering) allows Expo-Line to fully distinguish itself in the Football world.


Referee College is the fourth division of Expo-Line, this division focuses on the training and support of referees.
This is done in close cooperation with Arbitrage Voetbal Vlaanderen and other European federations.

"Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolution, refinement, improvement, adaptation..... changing. We are not put on this earth to remain stagnant." – Steve Maraboli

Expo-Line subscribes to this slogan as part of its business operations. It has been affixed by Raf Bogaerts (CEO). Expo-Line is constantly improving and evolving to become an ever more successful company, bringing the latest technologies to the market.

Below are Expo-Line's divisions:

Linemarking - Projects - Vanishingspray - Referee College