Stage Development Group WOMEN, 8 – 9 December 2018

After the success of our first course abroad in Pinatar (Spain), the women referees were invited to participate in an Expo-Line referee college in Knokke-Heist.

The 2-day course took place on 8 and 9 December 2018 in Knokke Heist (Hotel Pavillon du Zoute).

Women's soccer is booming today, becoming more professional and gaining popularity. The Belgian coast was the perfect setting for this Referee College. The days were filled with a busy program of technical sessions and physical training.
De dagen waren gevuld met een druk programma met zowel technische sessies als een fysieke training. 

What can you expect from our courses? Voetbal Vlaanderen..
Er was veel aandacht en medewerking van de dames tijdens de technische sessies, en bij de fysieke trainingen gingen ze tot het uiterste.
Thank you for that!

What can you expect at our training sessions?

1. Technical session / Frank De Bleeckere

The basic steps of refereeing

a. Making logical decisions

Making logical decisions is the easiest, but at the same time the most difficult thing for a referee. Making decisions that everyone understands and accepts. To do this, the referee must have a constant concentration throughout the game.

We show how important this is with the help of filmed sequences in a particular situation. If the referee is successful, there are hardly any protests, credibility increases and the referee gains confidence.

b. Physical ability / anticipation / position

To make logical decisions, referees must be physically fit on the field. Teamwork with the two assistant referees is crucial.

Using clips, we show the referees the best way to move to make the right decision.

The referees must move like a "mirror" facing the phase. Anticipating and sensing the play in time is very important here. If you wait too long or hesitate, you will have a delay that cannot be made up and you may misjudge the logical decision.

2. Technical session / Wesli De Cremer

Competition Experiences

Wesli came to talk about his own experiences as a referee.

He talked about the decisions he made during his match KV Mechelen - Roeselare. Group discussions were held between the referees and assistant referees to discuss the different points of view.

3. Physical training / Thibaut Nijssen

a. Decision making


  • warm-up
  • decision making with integrated sprint-offside decision for assistant referees
    - referee decision making for throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks 
    - feedback on decision making and body language

b. Stamina


  • speed endurance with integrated sprint
    - kick-in / corner kick / goal kick at corner flag
    - penalty kick phases (inside/outside) short side
    - goal kick phases (inside/outside) long side

4. Technical session / Kris Bellon

Image / Presence / Mental preparation

In this technical session we talk about the image of the referee.

  • What are the strong points?
  • What do you represent? Personal awareness is important.
  • What are your mental qualities?
  • What do you want to show as a referee?
  • Body language

5. Technical Session / Stephanie Forde

Game Report

On November 11, 2018, our Red Flames played a training match in Tubize against France.

  • The phases of the match were discussed
  • Various learning moments were highlighted

Self-evaluation is very important for a referee.

Finally, we would like to give you some impressions of some of the participants:

SHAUNI DEPRUYST - 19 years old - Assistant referee in 3rd Amateur

This course was a real learning experience for me!
We were positively influenced by different channels and we felt comfortable from the first minute. During 4 theoretical sessions we were coached and guided in different ways to solve difficult situations often in a simple way. The physical session was very successful, a training on the decisive decisions for the game where we not only practiced but also had a lot of fun learning! In short, it is the maximum to be able to learn from the experiences that the lecturers give us!

The group itself also got along well. We don't see all the ladies in the same way, because we are spread all over Flanders. So it is the maximum to get to know the ladies even better in this way.

Finally, I would like to pay a big compliment to the people who made all this possible for us. The organization, the lessons, the training in Knokke but also the hotel and the clothes...

"We felt comfortable from day one."

VIKI DE CREMER - 25 years old - Referee 1st Provincial Men - Super League Women - FIFA Referee 2019

13 of us were invited to a brilliantly organized course.

We were able to attend technical sessions with personalities such as. Frank De Bleeckere, Wesli De Cremer, Kris Bellon and Stephanie Forde. These technical sessions allowed me to strengthen my theoretical and technical knowledge. We were also confronted with the examination of our own sequences. In doing so, we learned to critically evaluate ourselves. This gave me a new perspective on the process of my development as a referee. By analyzing and discussing our own matches, we can better assess our strengths and weaknesses. 

I also learned tips and tricks from other referees through this open communication. Strengthening our weaknesses or being able to improve and make strengths even stronger.

Physical training was also organized for us under the guidance of Thibaut Nijssen. These trainings included exercises on how to make decisions. The theory could be put into practice immediately. He also gave us tips and tricks.

Wesli De Cremer took the injured referees under his wing to do some basic stability and then he took his time to look at and treat the injuries of the injured.

In short, it was a well-organized clinic where the coaching staff wanted to teach and help us as much as possible in such a short time.

I walked into the hotel with a half-full backpack and went home with an overflowing bag. Now it's time to properly reorganize that backpack and apply what I've learned.

"I arrived with a half-full backpack and left with an overflowing backpack."

INE PAESEN - 23 years old - referee in the 2nd province of Limburg and in the Super League

We were well received by the whole team in the morning. We all received the same equipment for the whole weekend.

First of all, Frank De Bleeckere gave us a technical session, mainly on the phases of the 1st league games. We were shown some footage and discussed it as a group. Wesli de Cremer's next session was also filmed, but it was his own game. Discussing the phases as a group obviously gives you a broader mindset, but also a better vision of a yellow or red card. I found these moments very instructive! It was also a fun way to learn. After watching the clips, there was time for practice. The ladies who were fit were allowed to practice on the field.
I, along with 3 others who were injured, were allowed to stay at the hotel, where a weight training session was organized for us. We did different exercises in time with music. Working together on your recovery is more enjoyable than alone!
After that, we had some time to eat and relax.
As the last session of the day, we had to work mainly with ourselves. Thinking about what we already know how to do and what we could do better. If we can let some things develop further. It is good to be busy reflecting on ourselves, setting our own achievable goals. 

On Sunday, there was one more session scheduled, Stephanie Forde's. It was to discuss a game that ladies in our group had played. It was a good session, where you could give advice to each other. Especially the 4 ladies who led the match. After that, our training course also ended. There were many learning moments that I will definitely take with me!